Advisory Councils:

Finance Council
The Finance Council assists the pastor in financial matters to ensure that all parish ministries are adequately funded to carry out their respective missions.

The Facilities Maintenance Committee is a standing committee of the Finance Council that assists in the areas of facilities maintenance and improvement.

Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council assists the pastor and parish staff in fulfilling St. Mary Our Mother’s mission of being a “Catholic community committed to the spiritual growth of all people as we share our faith and serve our community.” The Council discerns and represents the needs and interests of all parishioners and serves to promote pastoral action the parish.

Members of the Council include the pastor and nine parishioners selected by nomination and lottery who serve three-year terms. One-third of the membership is selected annually. Various standing parish committees may also have representation on the Council.

Parishioners are encouraged to approach Council members with their concerns as well as attend Council meetings.

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee promotes giving one’s “time, talent, and treasure” back to God and His people in gratitude for our many God-given blessings. It utilizes the phrase “Time, Talent, and Treasure” to simplify the message into these three areas of giving – giving one’s time in worship and ministry, sharing one’s talent in church ministries and community organizations, and committing donations that are consistent with one’s financial resources.

The Council meets periodically to evaluate stewardship in our parish. It plans ways to promote stewardship, such as ministry talks, ministry fairs, and bulletin articles to call the church community to a deeper sense of stewardship.

Website Development Committee

The Website Development Committee works to maintain and continuously enhance the St. Mary Our Mother website as a communication tool with the parish and the public.

Capabilities include a parish calendar, e-mail links to key contacts, ministry information and contacts, sacramental and liturgy information, on-line weekly bulletins, news alerts, and links to the School website and to the on-line giving program