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      Fr. Chris Linsler

What is Stewardship?

It starts with the realization that all good things in our lives are gifts from God. We did not earn them. We are grateful for these gifts, and in our gratitude we seek ways to say "thank you" to God, by giving back to Him and His people. In this way, by cultivating what has been given us and by returning them with increase to God, we are good stewards of His blessings.

At St. Mary Our Mother, we conduct an annual Stewardship renewal process involving homilies, lay witness talks, bulletin articles and a Ministry Fair, culminating in Commitment Sunday, when we pledge our commitments for the coming year.

We use the phrase "Time, Talent and Treasure" to simplify the message. Our commitment to Time can include prayer, scripture studies, more frequent attendance at masses or more quiet time spent with family and friends within the context of our shared faith. Our commitment to Talent can include becoming involved in the many wonderful St. Mary Our Mother ministries that you'll find mentioned elsewhere in this web site, in ways small or large, or in community organizations. Our commitment to Treasure can include donations that are consistent with the blessings we have received.

The Stewardship Committee works in cooperation with the leaders of the parish ministries to identify new volunteers to enliven their efforts!