Respect Life Committee

Contact Information:
             John Brennan
             Phone: 607-739-1011

Sponsors activities to educate and increase our awareness of the sacredness of human life from conception to natural death.

Rosaries for the Unborn

We have had quite a bit of positive feedback from our prayerful approach to ask the Blessed Mother Mary and Her Son to help open the minds, hearts and eyes of those seeking or performing abortion to the Gift of Life, planting the seed in their mind that they can walk away from what they plan and choose life! We also pray for those who felt pressured into making the choice of abortion, that they may seek reconciliation with Jesus and once again enjoy peace.

There are no signs and when we gather at 9 AM on the second Saturday of every month at Corning Planned Parenthood on Walnut Street, it always is across the street on the sidewalk so as to not violate any laws. We thank you for your past support and ask that you help promote this worthwhile activity which honors God's gift of Life to us. During Lent and Advent, we meet for the Rosary across the street from the Corning Planned Parenthood office every Saturday at 9 AM.

Please join us to Pray for Life!